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How To Know When You’ve Found The Right Mobile Home in Dallas, Texas

When you are looking to buy a new mobile home, the house hunting process can become monotonous and seem to drag on and on. You might see so many properties, that you find yourself second guessing what you are looking for in a home.

In our latest post, we hope to help you figure out when you’ve found the right mobile home.

You Get “That” Feeling

You know the one we mean. It’s the feeling in your stomach you got when you met the love of your life. Or when you found your dream job. You just know. When you pull up to the house, it feels natural, like you are pulling into your own driveway. You feel like you are walking into your own living room and set your keys on the table without a second thought. When you get that feeling, our advice is to trust your gut. If you believe you have found an amazing house, second guessing yourself can waste time and allow another buyer to get their foot in the door before. It could end up costing you your dream home!

You Are Arranging the Furniture in Your Head

When you walk in, you instantly stop listening to the agent and instead start deciding where the coaches will go. Will the TV be ok on that wall? Which rooms should I paint? This is your subconscious mind telling you “yes, this is your house!” If it instantly feels like home, meets all of your buying criteria and you have already designed it in your head… you might want to get your offer in on it ASAP!

You Don’t Want to See Any More Properties

Many times when you are home shopping, you can see a new house and think, “yeah, great. Let go see the next one.” When you have found the right mobile home, you will no longer have any interest in seeing what else is out there. You won’t want to hear about or see any additional homes.

You Instantly Start Bragging About It

The minute after you are done seeing it, you call up your friend, mother, sister, barber and anyone else you can think of. You tell everyone about this amazing house you just saw, and are filled with excitement. Don’t let that excitement escape you! So long as the house has a good inspection, if you can’t stop talking about it, then you have likely found the mobile home of your dreams!

It Stands Apart From All The Other Houses You’ve Seen

You might have seen a lot of houses in your search for your dream mobile home. Inevitably, they will all start to run together. Detail about the homes become lost and everything becomes a blur. Except for this house. This one mobile home that stands above all others. You remember everything you saw, from the layout, yard and even the crown molding! The mobile home you will be the happiest in will ultimately be the one that stands above all the rest!

Remember, you can change everything about a mobile house except for the location. Don’t rule out a home just because you don’t immediately get goosebumps. Some homes will need some imagination and some work before they really knock your socks off. Don’t ignore your gut feeling, but also view homes with an open mind. If the mobile home has good bones, you can always knock down a wall (or add a wall) and make the changes you want over time.

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